10 Useful Tips for Effective Studies

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10 Useful Tips for Effective Studies: Studying is often seen by Many students as a very difficult task. This is evident from the numerous carry-over courses they have in pursuit of their academic programs. However, difficult study can be, knowing how to go about it goes along way in making it simple, appealing and successful. Failing a course in most cases is not a mark of lack of intelligence on the part of their student, but a sign of ineffective study Strategies. In this article, I will outline Ten Tips that will help you study effectively and past every semester without falling any course till you graduate.

My 10 Tips for Effective Studies

1. Register Early: At the commencement of a semester, students should endeavor to register their courses and pay the necessary fees to avoid distraction when lectures commence. They should desist from the notion that resuming during the registration period is a waste of time and resources.

2. Discover Your Scope of work: During registration find out the courses you  are expected to offer and their credit loads. Endeavor to get the course outline so that you can use your smartphone to browse and prepare ahead of lectures, and read widely and also wisely. Ensure you fulfill the demands of the courses by attending classes satisfactorily, Also make sure you write all tests and do all your Assignments as failure to take your continuous Assessment serious is a serious attribute of failure.

3. Create Your Personal Study Timetable: When making your personal study timetable, make sure you consider your lecture timetable to avoid missing classes under the excuse of private study, understand that Your lectures take precedence over it. You are advised to build your personal study hours from 4pm to like 7:30pm as you are likely to have close from school, and you are free. It is helpful to choose courses you attended lectures on for private study that same day. One benefit of doing that is that it consolidate the lectures which are still fresh in your memories and helps you to read more on the topics. Ensure that you study every topic you were taught the previous day before taking new lectures for the day. During weekends, do your best to revise all your notes to prepare you for the new week. Since the higher the credit loads, the higher the  target point for a course, you should a lot more study hours to high credits Loads courses. Besides, as course vary in their level of complexity from person to person, it is also worthwhile to devote more time to those seemingly difficult courses. Allow short breaks after an interval of at least about 2 hours.

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4. Make your study environment conducive: Seriousness in Studying requires that you sit upright at a table in a noiseless environment. Do not lie down while reading. If you cannot control noise, plan your private study time around the time your environment is usually quiet. Considering the unreliability of power supply, do your best to have a lantern to avoid using unavailability of NEPA as they refer to the Power Holding Companies of Nigeria (PHCN) light As an excuse to skip your schedule study time.

5. Keep A study Note: Depending on your jottings during lectures can be both unrewarding and frustrating. There is no guarantee that you captured comprehensive points on the topic during lectures. It is advisable that you make more detailed notes by extracting more information from prescribed texts or browse from the internet and organizing them into comprehensive notes for easy reading and understanding, make sure you write your study notes as much as possible In your own words that is because you will likely easily recall your own explanation more quickly and accurately.

6. Adopts Flexibility in Reading: Different kinds of reading are used for different reading purposes. You should be able to apply the appropriate reading style. When studying for exams/tests, the SQ3R strategy is the most suitable for you. In a nutshell,

S=Skim to survey the material

Q= Post Some Questions to prepare your mind

R= Read the materials, paying attention to the key points and how they are interrelated.

R= Recite the major points until you know them.

R= Try to Recall what you have learned and revise the aspect you fail to recall.

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7. Write it down: Studies have proved that writing down our ideas help us to recall them easily. Summarize the key points and write them down, the compressed version of your note will aid easy revision during an examination or test.

8. Sharpen your Memory: Forgetfulness during an examination can make one miserable. To avoid it, to try to sharpen your memory by over learning. Take the Subject apart and access it over and over again until it becomes second nature. Throughout the day, reflect on what you have learned. Often times explaining it to our course mates can help entrench the information in our memory.

9. Test Your Memory: Most people fail examinations because the only time they try accessing  themselves is during and exam or test. This should not be so. While studying, try to anticipate some questions and make conscious efforts to answer them. If you cannot formulate questions on your own, you can help yourself a great deal by answering past examination questions on the course you are studying.

10. Maintain a positive Attitude: Finally, you should understand that your attitude towards a course can make or mar your performance. If you consider a certain course difficult or uninteresting, Your mindset dampens your desire to study it. Just tell Yourself that you can do it. If other students have been passing that course, why won’t you? Even if they don’t, you can make history by breaking the jinx. Having a positive attitude is a gateway to a successful academic performance.

If you can discipline yourself, follow the above Tips appropriately and pray hard, I strongly believe that the sky will be your Limit throughout your academic program.

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