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Reasons Why Your Name Haven’t Been Posted By JAMB Yet For Admission Consideration [2016/2017] Must Read For Students

We are not trying to discourage some people from hoping to be posted to
their various schools for admission consideration, for those who have
not been posted yet
especially those who scored high in utme. Am not saying you should lose
hope yet, anything can still happen. Am saying based on the hard copy
schools have at the moment and also based on what happened last year
during eligibility saga. Those who were initially not eligible but
hoping to
be eligible by miracle were never eligible if not that it was later
cancelled though miracle may happen this time, so I suggest you may keep
checking for your name in Jamb website until its finally confirmed that
no names will be uploaded again. Speaking based on the hard copy some
have, those whose their names are not found in the Jamb website are also
not listed in the hard copy when checked. So I dont know how possible
it will be if your name is later
uploaded in the Jamb website but not among the names in the hard copy
unless schools will still receive more names from Jamb.
Check your name in Jamb website, if you are not posted yet, you keep checking, you may be posted later.

Some Of The Reasons Why Your Name May Not Have Been Posted To Your School For Admission Consideration:
Maybe your score is too low for the course you are aspiring for.
Someone who scored 201 and aspiring for home science may be posted but
someone who scored 248 and aspiring for medicine may not be posted. This
is because home science is likely to cut below 201 while medicine will
never cut below 248, so Jamb has assumed that someone with 201 is
supposed to get admission under home science without screening yet.
Remember that if your name is posted, it means you have been
“Temporarily” offered admission by Jamb, meaning you scored above what
Jamb is likely to cut for that course if they were to admit you alone
but school is yet to screen you to know if actually you are qualified
even when you scored above “assumed” cutoff mark. Meanwhile, there are
some courses that even when you scored above likely “assumed” cutoff
mark, you will still not be posted, sometimes you will be posted even
when you scored below but the posting is mainly based on your score and
your course because ALL SCHOOLS may have sent their cutoff marks to Jamb but you
wont know.

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This may not really be the
problem because there are some who did not change school yet they are
not posted yet but some people I know that have not been posted even
when they scored high in Jamb did change of school (about 2 people so
The only names that may be posted later in the Jamb website  may be special candidates. All of you know what I mean by
special candidates; they may be people with some errors in their
registration numbers or error in change of school, they may be people
that are sorting out their admission via staff/university quota/slot
through a staff, they may be people that know someone in the
university..this is Nigeria so everything is possible. It happened last
year when some people who were not eligible later became eligible even
before everything was cancelled. I know how it was done then and it
will still be done this time. Some of you know me very well, I say what I
see and what happens, I dont pretend to be self-made saint.

if you are not posted yet, dont lose hope yet, be prayerful, it may
still touch Jamb to upload more names and your name may be there. You
can still be posted through other means maybe through miracles or maybe
if you are sorting out your admission.
Dont just lose hope or give
up until its over. If worse turns to worst, you may be posted to another
university; all univeristies are good, it must not be your school of choice. Its not the
school you attend or course you read that makes you, its your destiny.

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The University of Nigeria, Nsukka
and FULokoja both released their forms, they made it public for all
their aspirants but if you apply for the screening form, they will still
check if you are eligible or not. Some aspirants who were not posted
still went ahead to check their eligibility in the school database and
it turns out that their names were in the list. You may recall that the 8th rule in the guidelines released by Jamb states that schools have
only a month to consider the names of the aspirants sent to them. This
means two things:
Jamb will send all the names of the eligible
candidates, both those who have been currently posted by Jamb and those
who will still be posted to the school in question
-UNN and FULokoja are the only two universities that have cross-checked and accepted the list sent by Jamb.

This simply means renewed hope for all those who are yet to see their
names. Your names may have already been forwarded to your first choice
institution, just that it is yet to be published on the Jamb website
which shows that our sources were correct when they said that only the
merit list was published on the Jamb website. So do not relent yet,
continue praying and when your school releases her own screening form,
do not hesitate to check your own eligibility in their database but
We all know that
Jamb is not mighty efficient so nobody knows exactly when the next
batches will be published on the Jamb website but be rest assured that
if your name is in the list at all, when the time comes, you will be
able to register for your schools PUTME. So I urge you not to stop
praying and stop blaming.
For those who saw their names, well as
you celebrate, you may want to start praying again. This is because only
UNN and FULokoja have accepted the lists sent to them by Jamb, so your
institution may cook up a fantastic reason why you should not be
admitted and your name will be removed during the consideration and
probably replaced by someone who does not even merit it, this is Nigeria
after all. So continue praying too. While you pray, do endeavour to get
the following documents listed HERE

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You have already been admitted, so you are advised to PRINT the
original Jamb result slip since you will need it anyways, and do so now
before CYBER CAFES AND TUTORIAL CENTERS begins add their own commissions as they usually do. Also get a
decent outfit that you will put on for the screening, you do not want to
go there looking like a cultist else you may be rusticated.
Finally, this is for those who got high scores but have not been
admitted. If you see a candidate going for thesame course as you are and
who has been posted with a lower score, regardless of the state of
origin(since this is just the merit list), please look for the school’s
complaint Email and send them a mail containing your reg number and that
of the person before the school releases her own screening form. The
school will now cross-check, if your name is there nothing will be done,
but if your name isn’t there, they will check for possible causes such
as wrong subject combination, but if nothing is wrong with your result,
they will send a complaint to the Jamb headquarters, it is all part of
the consideration process.

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