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nasims gov ng login portal 2021 | NPower Test Deadline & Result Checker

nasims gov ng login portal 2021 | NPower Test Deadline & Result Checker: if you are searching for the NPower NASIMS Login Portal for Batch C Online Test then you are on the right page to get all the necessary information to have a successful test on https://www.nasims.gov.ng/.

The Npower Batch C Test on the nasims portal is ongoing and many applicants are not able to write the test as of 19th March, 2021. The big questions is, When is the NPower Batch C NASIMS Test Closing Date or Deadline.

NPower Test Deadline | nasims gov ng 2021.

All applicants of the NPower Batch C Recruitment Exercise which began in August 2020 are to note that the ongoing Online Test for all eligible applicants is still on via https://onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng/ and NO DEADLINE or CLOSING DATE has been set or announced yet.

Disregard any deadline speculation you might have heard or come across on the internet as their is no official announcement on the closing date of the online test for all N-Power Batch C Applicants.

The portal is still open at the moment and no closing date has been specified yet. all Npower Batch C applicants are to login to nasims portal immediately in order not to miss out the chance of being shortlisted among the Npower Successful Candidates.

NPower Test Result Check on Nasims gov ng.

Are wondering or search the internet on how or where to check your NPower NASIMS Online Computer Based Test (CBT) results but you have not come across any reliable information regarding that?

Well, search no more as you are to get all the needed information and procedures on hoe to check your results after taking the test on the NPower Nasims Test Portal 2021.

Most applicants could not see their score or result after completing the online NPower Test for Batch C, and this article will reveal to you whether or not you will be able to check your results after ending the test .

The answer to whether or not you can check  your score on the NASIMS Portal is that is not possible at the moment to view your result apart from the first time you see it when you completed and submit the test on the Test Portal.

As of now, is no provision of checking the result anywhere on the NASIMS Portal, you only get to see it once (the time you submit and end your test).

nasims gov ng login portal 2021.

Are you searching for the NASIMS Login Portal for NPower Batch C Test? Are you yet to recover or reset your password in order to update your records on https://nasims.gov.ng/login.

Well, if you have not updated your records yet, follow the below procedures to do so and take your test, who knows if the deadline is near the corner.

www.nasims.gov.ng is the official NASIM web page for the npower applicants to login and take a test. Sign in to the website by following the link that will be provided below.

  1. Visit https://nasims.gov.ng/login Click on login
  2. Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  3. Enter your N-POWER application email
  4. Click on “Send Link” (Make sure you see “Success Message” multiple times before going to check your mail box.)
  5. Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.

NASIMS Gov Ng Portal Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Below are the Frequently asked questions and answers about NASIMS Portal issues every applicant should be familiar with.

FAQ1: I tried to reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email

a) Applicant should wait for a few hours and try again.

b) Please note that you are expected to send the reset password request just once and wait for the mail. If the applicant requests a reset link multiple times, the applicant should use the most recent link.

c) Applicant should ensure to check ‘spam folder’ if the link is not received after several hours.

FAQ2: Unable to validate BVN

a) Applicant should ensure correct Date of Birth as registered with BVN/Bank is imputed.

b) This could be network issues please try again.

FAQ3: Unable to update profile

a) This could be network issues, an applicant should try again after several hours.

FAQ4) Account blocked when trying to take the test

a) Applicants are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts to take the online test after which the test account will be locked.

b) After the initial 3 attempts, applicants are permitted one final attempt after 6 hours.

FAQ5: I cannot find my test score after taking the test

a) Applicants should ensure to click the final ‘submit’ button after providing answers to all questions to see the test score.

Have further complaints or questions? feel free to leave a comment below and we will try as much as you can to attend to every question you have.

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  1. Avatar of Bello Bello says:



    pls when i was taken the test my account was blocked, pls what is the way out of this.

  3. Avatar of Abdulrahaman samaila Audubon Abdulrahaman samaila Audubon says:

    Good mornings my problems is I did my test but I score 0 and it show mecongratulations. At the end it show me my account has been booked what happened

  4. Avatar of Orngu Aondowase Orngu Aondowase says:

    What about those that scored 40% in their NASIMS test, are they going to be disqualified?

  5. Avatar of Jen Jen says:

    No I didn’t.it was take test that I saw then

  6. Avatar of Jen Jen says:

    I re-edited my profile after seeing my test score and up till now my profile is still showing me take test instead of view test result what do I do?

  7. Avatar of Kehinde Kehinde says:

    Please I don’t see any reply concern my score that drops from 50% to 45%

  8. Avatar of Shafiu Muhammad lawal Shafiu Muhammad lawal says:


  9. Avatar of Sokari Beauty keutol Sokari Beauty keutol says:

    My account has been blocked and I did not submit my test. What will do?

  10. Avatar of Abdulrahmanbala Abdulrahmanbala says:

    component of hardware system

  11. Avatar of Rapheal Gladys Rapheal Gladys says:

    I can’t write my npower- test

  12. Avatar of Abdulrahaman samaila Audu Abdulrahaman samaila Audu says:

    Up to now my account is blocked

  13. Avatar of Adeniyi Mary Adeniyi Mary says:

    Please sir, I scored 40%. Is there hope for me and please what is the cut off marks?

  14. Avatar of aminu juji aminu juji says:

    lps helf me sir
    my name is aminu juji

  15. Avatar of Amin Amin says:

    Ibb bashir

  16. Avatar of John Agada apeh John Agada apeh says:

    I need the aptitude test exam

  17. Avatar of Sk Sk says:

    Have wrote my npower text en still made d correction of data after I wrote d test, hope I don’t have to retake d test again?

  18. Avatar of Abdulrahmanbala Abdulrahmanbala says:


  19. Avatar of Jafar Bakar Jafar Bakar says:

    I can’t access my email address again please what can I do to change to a new email address as time is moving faster
    So that I can proceed to update my records and partake on the on going online test. Thanks

  20. Avatar of Ditty Honest Piyamne Ditty Honest Piyamne says:

    That’s what I have been trying to rectify but the network is not help or it’s the site I can’t tell.

  21. Avatar of Ditty Honest Piyamne Ditty Honest Piyamne says:

    I don’t even know where to star from pls help me out.

  22. Avatar of Abdulrahaman samaila Audu Abdulrahaman samaila Audu says:

    My account has been blocked please the problems is network help me . Than what is the solution

    • Contact Support for assistance

      • Avatar of Ojo olamide oluwadamilola Ojo olamide oluwadamilola says:

        Please sir am unable to download my PPA letter it said my date of birth doesn’t match my bvn details and av went to the bank to correct it seen two weeks time, what am I going to do now,need your help sir.

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