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How to Accept Nirsal NIBLoan Offer 2021 | nibloans.nmfb.com.ng

How to Accept Nirsal NIBLoan Offer 2021 | nibloans.nmfb.com.ng: The Nirsal Micro-finance Bank (NMFB) Non-Interest Banking, NIB Loan has commenced offering loans to applicants for the ongoing loan application for SME’s, Households and AGSMEIS.

If you have applied for the NIRSAL MFB Non Interest Loan, and you have been offered the loan pending your acceptance of the loan, then read this post on how you can accept the loan offer.

Nirsal NIBLoan Offer Acceptance Letter

Have you received an SMS from NFMB confirming that your NIB Loan application has been approved and waiting for you to generate an acceptance letter for the loan offer?

Apply Here: NIRSAL Non-Interest Loan for AGSMEIS and TCF 2021 – nibloans.nmfb.com.ng

Do you wonder and want to know how you can generate the acceptance letter and accept the loan offer? If your answer to these questions is yes, then read further below for answers and guide on how you can acceptance your NFMB NIBLoans Offer.

How to Accept Nirsal NIBLoan Offer

To accept and get your NIB Loan Funds Disbursed to you, you need to first accept the offer of the loan when you receive an SMS of the approval of your application.

This is the second phase of the NIRSAL NIBLoans which requires you to do the following when you received a notification that your loan has been approved:

    1. Generate the Offer Letter and accept it
    2. Generate the Undertaking to Buy Agreement and accept it
    3. Input the details of the items to be financed. This must conform with the approved amount as shown on your offer letter.
    4. You will finally attach invoices for all the items to be financed.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to carry out this acceptance of the loan offer on the Nirsal non-interest loan portal.

    1. Visit the NIBLOAN Portal via https://nibloans.nmfb.com.ng/ or the link sent to you in the SMS, it looks like https://nibloans.nmfb.com.ng/noninterestlendingtcfhouseholdofferletter/TCFNXXXXXX
    2. Select Returning to Check Application Status
    3. Input your BVN and Last Name as it is arranged on your BVN.
    4. Skip the Application Reference Number field
    5. Check the Security Box (Google Captcha)
    6. Proceed to click on Submit

You will then be prompted to view your loan acceptance letter and accept it.

If you have further questions regarding applying or acceptance of the NIRSAL NIB LOAN, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will try to address the questions you have and help solve your confusion and challenges.

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  1. Avatar of Badamasi muhammad Badamasi muhammad says:

    Can you Approved me nirsal nibloan

  2. Avatar of Ibrahim Ibrahim says:


  3. Avatar of hadiza abdullahi hadiza abdullahi says:

    i have never recieved any messages

  4. Avatar of Lamidi Ibrahim Lamidi Ibrahim says:

    I never receive any mail

    • Avatar of Mariam Mariam says:

      please I need urgent attention on how to accept my nmfb non interest loan. After clicking on returning with my bvn and other information instead of taking me to acceptance letter,what I got was ur information was validated and updated.I don’t understand

      • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

        Follow the process by moving to next till you get to the offer letter.

  5. Avatar of Habibu Farouk Haladu Habibu Farouk Haladu says:

    I have accept my offer since. But till now no any disbursement. Undefined 4194499

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      You are not in this alone, many have complained about this.

  6. Avatar of Ngaji chukwuemelie Nicodemus Ngaji chukwuemelie Nicodemus says:

    No link was sent to me but number

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      Use the number and go back to the nibloan portal and login as a returning user.

  7. Avatar of Jidda Mohammed Usman Jidda Mohammed Usman says:

    I have forgotten my Tcfni reference number, please how do I access I. Thank you.

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      Do you still have the SMS where the link for you to approve your offer was sent?

  8. Avatar of Blessing chima Blessing chima says:

    Pls someone deleted his acceptance letter mistakenly thinking it was scam. He does no the ref number pls how can he recover same. Thanks

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      Do you know your reference number?
      If you know it, send to this Whatsapp number 09039287555 and I will send you a new link to your acceptance letter.

      • Avatar of Blessing chima Blessing chima says:

        Pls I don’t know because I didn’t even read the letter. The reason was that some one wanted to scam him that day by requesting bank details so when this nirsal SMS came with annoyance he thought it was the same ppl and he quickly deleted the acceptance offer letter and when I contacted the man in charge of the process he said he can’t help

  9. Avatar of Adamu abubakar Adamu abubakar says:

    Bamusamuba zamfara

  10. Avatar of Mustapha Hafsat Mustapha Hafsat says:

    I want to apply but I don’t know how to get it done

  11. Avatar of Comr timothy Comr timothy says:

    I declined the buying undertaking because the agreement states that the money will be send to the vendor assign to me not to my account, I hope I’m not on the wrong side please educate me on this

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      Yes, you read and understood well, the loan is not a cash loan that will be sent to your account, instead they will buy you the items you specified in your application through their assigned vendor.

      This, many people didn’t know when they were applying.

  12. Avatar of Muhammed Nafiu usman Muhammed Nafiu usman says:

    I have received Sms for the approval but fortunately, after I accepted the offer mistakenly I deleted the message how can I retrieve it

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      If you know your Application Reference Number, something like “TCFN12345578” then I will help you out on how you can view the offer letter.

  13. Avatar of Udo Udo says:

    Thanks for the update and information, but the portal is not going or takes very long time. Please how do we generate the undertaking to Buy Agreement please.As well as attachment of invoices for all the items to be financed

    • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

      Have you gotten an SMS that your facility has been approved?

      If yes, was a link provided in the SMS?

    • Avatar of Mariam Mariam says:

      Good morning sir, I don’t how to accept my offer letter.using returning method I put my bvn and other Information at the end what I got was your application is updated and validated please. Help so I can accept my loan offer. Thank you.

      • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

        You didn’t see your offer later displaying the terms of your loan?

        • Avatar of Mariam Mariam says:

          Nooo I didn’t .I was able to update my application I don’t know if its part of it or if am in the channel. Please help

          • Avatar of Samuel Maxwell Samuel Maxwell says:

            After adjusting your application to the approved amount, you were supposed to see the offer letter with all the agreement and terms.

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