Guidelines For Effective Minutes Report

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Guidelines For Effective Minutes Report: In this article I am going to be teaching you very useful tips on how  to write a very good minutes report of a meeting, But before we continue let us first know what exactly a minutes report is and how to write a good One.

Minutes report is an important official document, it presents a written account of the proceedings of a meeting.
The account is accurate and succinctly recorded to capture all the decisions reached at the meeting, as well as actions taken before the next meeting. Well recorded minutes should be able to include the names of absentees with the deliberations of the meeting.
A minute report is usually written by the secretary of an organization, They are read at the beginning of a subsequent meeting. After the corrections Or in the absence of any corrections, the minutes are adopted as read following a motion proposed by a member and seconded by another member.

Formal Features Of Minutes

A good minutes report should have the following features.

1. Title: this contains the name of the Group or organization, code number of the meeting (optional), Date, and venue of the meeting.

2. Attendance: If It is a small group, names of the members in attendance will be listed, beginning with the presiding officer and ending with the secretary. However, if the group is larger, only the total number of members is written. The name of absent members are also listed under those present or the number stated for small and larger groups respectively.

3. Opening: The presiding officer calls the members to order. This may be done by soliciting for prayers from a member. The exact time this was done must be recorded. If a prayer was said, the name of the person who led in the prayer is noted.

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4. Minutes: In this section the minutes are read and adopted with or without amendment. Both the member who proposed the motion for the adoption and the seconder of the motion should be recorded.

5. Reports: If there is any committee that gives routine reports, the secretary captures them here. The name of the committee should be stated to avoid ambiguity. The presentation is usually made by the chairman of each of these committees.

6. Unfinished business: This is also called “matters arising from the minutes” Under this heading, issues that are unresolved in the previous meeting are attended to one after the other.

7. New Business: New issues are raised and deliberated on. If the chairman exhausts what he has for discussion, he calls on members to report any other business (AOB) that requires attention for the smooth functioning of the group. Most of the issues raised here form the matters to be deliberated on at the following meeting.

8. Adjournment: In the absence of any other business(AOB), a motion for adjournment is moved by a member and supported by another. If the motion is carried, then the meeting is adjourned. This adjournment must be followed by a short prayer as directed by the chairman. The specific time of closing should be indicated in the minutes.

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