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Federal Poly Idah Academic Calendar Schedule for 2018/2019 Session

Federal Poly Idah Academic Calendar

The managements of the Federal Polytechnic Idah has published the academic calendar of events of first and second semester for 2018/2019 academic session.

Federal Poly Idah Academic Calendar Schedule 2018/2019


Saturday, 01/12/2018 – Arrival of new students/commencement of 2018/2019 Academic session.
Monday, 03/12/2018 – Commencement of registration of new students
6/12/2018 – Friday,7/12/2018 – School Boards meet to consider Second
Semester Main/carryover Examination results (2017/2018)
10/12/2018 – Friday, 14/12/2018. – Academic Board meets to consider
Second Semester main/carryover Examination results (2017/2018).

Saturday, 05/01/2019 Arrival of returning Students (Excluding SIWES Students).
Monday, 07/01/2019 – Registration of returning Students begin (Excluding SIWES Students).
Monday, 14/01/2019 – Commencement of Lectures for all Student (Excluding SIWES Students).
Friday, 25/01/2019 – Registration of new students end.
Monday, 28/01/2019 – Late registration begins for new students.

Friday, 01/02/2019 – Registration of returning students end (Excluding SIWES Students).
Monday, 04/02/2019 – Late registration begins for returning students (Excluding SIWES Students).
Wednesday, 06/02/2019 – Friday, 08/02/2019 – Orientation for new students (Lecture free for new students only)
Saturday, 09/02/2019 – Matriculation of new students
Saturday, 16/02/2019 – Arrival of SIWES students
Monday, 18/02/2019 – Commencement of registration of SIWES students.
Monday, 25/02/2019 – Commencement of Lectures for SIWES Students.
Thursday, 28/02/2019 – End of Late Registration for both new and returning students (Excluding SIWES Students).

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MARCH, 2019 
Friday, 08/03/2019 –
Registration for SIWES students end.
Monday, 11/03/2019 – Late
Registration begins for SIWES students.
Friday, 15/03/2019 Submission of
first continuous Assessment scores (Excluding SIWES students).
Friday, 22/03/2019 – End of Late Registration for SIWES Students.
Friday, 29/03/2019 – Submission of first continuous Assessment scores for SIWES Students.

APRIL, 2019 
Friday, 12/04/2019- Submission of Second Continuous Assessment.

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